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Life on the Ark:
A Visualization

The Zanesville Animal Catastrophe a Decade Later

Life on the Ark is a podcast series that reflects on the legacies of a 2011 incident in Zanesville, Ohio, during which fifty exotic animals were killed by county police upon being released by their owner. Through in-depth interviews with people directly impacted by the incident, the series shows how the Zanesville catastrophe has altered local life, state and federal laws, and the world we share with 

other animals.

I worked directly with Kelly, visually interpreting his research on the podcast. ​This body of work is dedicated to the 56 apex predators that were owned by Terry Thompson, and the 49 that were killed that night. Each piece reacts to specific first-hand accounts from the police officers, animal specialists, and neighbors of the property. I hope that these pieces serve as a visual aide to the podcast, helping the audience understand and empathize with all perspectives given throughout the story.

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