Artist Claire Flath, located in Cincinnati, OH, works to capture the absurdity of contemporary life through painting. Having graduated with her BFA in the beginnings of the pandemic, her style reacts to the imagery, symbolism, and the ever shifting global media of this post-Covid world.  She is whole-heartedly dedicated to oil painting. Enraptured by the media, she is constantly exploring the textures, effects, and applications that can be accomplished in paint. Meanwhile, she tackles social and environmental issues that demand more attention, ranging from climate change in the Midwestern landscape to the struggle of modern femininity. Through the use of color, mood, and imagery, she aims to start a conversation, engaging the audience to explore questions that have no simple answers.


2020     Bachelor's in Fine Art, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Displayed Work







Selected Press

Headspace, Wavepool Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Today’s Date, Pique Gallery, Covington, KY

Exhibition Studio Showcase, Exposure 13, Cincinnati, OH


Vessels, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH



AAC Block Party, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Art in Bloom, The Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH


Fresh Looks 2020, Eastern Michigan University, Ann Arbor, MI                            

Synthesis, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

The Rain Barrel Project, The Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati, OH 

Red Door Project, The Cincinnati Art Museum's Art Climb, Cincinnati, OH 

Same Again, The Carnegie, Covington, KY

Retold, The Kennedy Heights Center, Cincinnati, OH

Art for Ending Hunger, The Global Art Alliance, Online viewing

Minumentals 32, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Fame, The Ivy League Gallery, Online viewing

House Party: Reunion, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Red Door Project, The Cincinnati Observatory, Cincinnati, OH

Art Comes Alive 2021, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH

New Woman Juried Exhibition, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH